Advisory and Medical Board

Dr. Tony G Lichaa M.D.
Director, Anti-Aging and Life Rejuvenating Medical Center of Lebanon President, Lebanese Association for Prevention of Disease Former Head of Cardiology, Montreal Heart Institute
Graduated McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Former Head of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Montreal Heart Institute

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) therapy Specialist

American Board in Chelation Therapy

Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Member – New York Academy of Sciences

President, Lebanese Association for Prevention of Disease

Director and General Manager, Anti-Aging and Life Rejuvenating Medical Center, Jounieh – Lebanon (May 1997 – Present)

"As a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology from the Montreal Heart Institute I was faced during the practice of my traditional therapies with many deceptions: regarding the treatment of major chronic illness: like atherosclerosis, cancer and major chronic degenerative diseases. These diseases have failed to respond to the dramatic medical advances that have been made in infection diseases and other areas in emergency medicine.

I got increasingly involved in research in the field of alternative integrative approach to different sicknesses and since 1997 I have been directing the Anti-Aging and Life Rejuvenating Medical Center in Jounieh, Lebanon" Dr. Tony Lichaa

Dr. Lichaa is pioneering the medical standards for the 21st Century by offering the services for life rejuvenating healing cures and up to date tissue repair solutions.

The aims of the Anti-Aging and Life Rejuvenating Medical Center are -

  • to restore in people their strength and stamina.

  • to revitalize and maintain their body and mental functions.

  • to improve their sexual performance and fertility.

  • to help them live longer and feel younger with increased vitality.

  • to give healthy natural solutions to those affected by the diseases of this century mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancers and degenerative diseases, diabetes mellitus and arthritis by helping their natural body ability of self-repair and healing.

The center is trying to introduce the Einstenian insight into the future Medicine…, is highly specialized and highly equipped in the futuristic medical field ANTI – AGING AND TISSUE REPAIR MEDECINE and is as advanced as other clinics in USA and Europe the center is associated with medical centers in Greece for the DNA test screening Dr Kambouris( Athens ) and in Germany for hyperthermia , dendritic cell, and stem cells therapy Dr Gorter (cologne ) Dr. Tony Lichaa is the Author of six books including –

The Spring of The Cosmic Sense

"Motivated by inspiration, this book is a part of my life mission. It gives answers to people who are in search for a kind of happiness they cannot find, or do not know how to find it in their life. Often this is because their mind is controlled by materialism, superficiality, destructive emotions, negativity and anxiety. My writings are aimed to help human- beings put aside the beast-like part in their nature and to forge in the deepness of their essence, an ardent desire to find the spark of divinity inside the self.

As a medical doctor specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, rebel to the learned traditional, fanatic, conservative mind in medicine, working actually in the complementary naturopathic field, and philosopher, I wanted to condense my knowledge and my wisdom in this work and send a universal message to defend my spiritual beliefs, of one absolute cosmic religion in multiple manifestation." Tony Girgis Lichaa M.D.