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"There are immediate and beneficial changes, which I could observe after treatment in the appearance of the face and I understand modifications are equally spectacular in other parts of the body." Dr Michael Nobel Dr. Michael Nobel was born in Sweden and has been living in Switzerland for many years. He is a citizen of Sweden and Switzerland. After studies in Sweden and America, Michael Nobel obtained a doctorate at the University of Lausanne in psycho-pedagogy in 1979. The thesis subject was the evaluation of the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention programs.

In the science field Michael Nobel worked for seven years as a researcher in social sciences at the Institute for Mass Communication Research at the Lausanne University and at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine in the same city. Dr. Nobel has been a consultant to UNESCO in Paris and the United Nations Social Affairs Division in Geneva.

Commercially Michael Nobel participated in the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging and developed a highly successful diagnostic imaging service company in Sweden with a quarter of a billion SEK in total revenues over a 15 year period.

Dr. Michael Nobel is today chairman or board member of ten international companies. These involve diagnostics, treatment and information in the field of medicine; other areas include Internet service provisions, software development, investment banking, recreational facilities and management consulting. In his idealistic work Michael Nobel is chairman or board member of several non-for-profit organizations in the fields of conflict resolution, youth education and development. He is also executive chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust, which gives awards to politicians, scientists and corporate leaders in the area of renewable energy and organizes conferences in the same field.

Michael Nobel sits on several prominent international prize committees. He has received a number of international citations and awards for his work in the fields of medicine and conflict resolution including an honorary doctorate from Soka University in Tokyo and an honorary professorship from the National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan. He is also an honorary member of two Rotary clubs, in Karlskoga and Miami and in 1997 Rotary International conferred on him the Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

In 2002 Michael Nobel was awarded the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award from Morehouse College in Atlanta, earlier only given once, to Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. In 2004 he became the Citation Recipient from the Midwest Research Institute of Kansas City. Previous recipients include Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, and Henry Ford. In 2004 Michael Nobel became foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences as well as receiving the UNESCO medal for outstanding contributions to the cultural dialogue between nations.

The same year in Jerusalem Michael Nobel received the Albert Einstein Medal for Outstanding Achievements in Life Sciences and Technology and in 2006 the International Order of Perfection, First Class in Moscow.

Michael Nobel is presently visiting professor at the Frontier Research Centre, Tokyo Institute of Technology, National University of Japan. The Tokyo Tech institute is considered Japan's equivalent of the MIT and Cal Tech in the US.